The Oak Bistro

Visited Jun 10, 2022

The Oak Bistro is a cozy, elegant restaurant in the center of Cambridge. It serves quality continental European food along with an extensive selection of international wines.

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Visited Jun 3, 2022

Tzatziki is a small Greek tavern inside of a British pub. This restaurant offers typical Greek comfort food, bringing the authentic taste of Greece to the busy streets of Cambridge.

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Visited May 27, 2022

Agora is a Turkish restaurant located in The Copper Kettle in Cambridge’s historic city center offering a selection of Mediterranean dishes.

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Tu Casa

Visited May 20, 2022

Tu Casa is a quaint, simple restaurant on Mill Road that serves a variety of typical Spanish tapas and raciones from different Spanish regions and traditions.

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Visited May 12, 2022

Bedouin is a restaurant specialising in North African cuisine famous for its hearty food and magical tapestry décor.

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Visited May 10, 2022

Maurizio’s is a classic and homey Italian restaurant on Mill Road that offers a wide selection of fresh, authentic pizza and pasta dishes.

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Visited Mar 17, 2022

Fancett’s is a relaxed, cozy, family-style restaurant on Mill Road that serves a variety of seasonal European dishes.

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The Chop House

Visited Mar 10, 2022

The Chop House is a traditional steakhouse in the heart of Cambridge a mere few steps away from the picturesque King’s Parade. Its menu boasts an assortment of age-old English meat dishes.

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The Olive Grove

Visited Mar 2, 2022

The Olive Grove is a two-storey, comfortable restaurant that offers traditional Greek dishes along with a wide range of Greek wines.

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Fin Boys

Visited Feb 19, 2022

Fin Boys is a seafood bar/restaurant on Mill Road serving a wide selection of locally-sourced fish and shellfish.

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Da Paolo

Visited Feb 5, 2022

Da Paolo is a small, traditional and high-quality Italian restaurant in Fitzrovia, London.

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Noodles Plus+

Visited Jan 27, 2022

Noodles Plus+ is a ten-seater restaurant on Mill Road in Cambridge serving a selection of tasty and authentic noodles and dumplings.

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