Noodles Plus+

  • Quality — ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Price — 💸
  • Contact — n/a
  • LocationMill Road, Cambridge

Noodles Plus+ is a ten-seater restaurant on Mill Road in Cambridge serving a selection of tasty and authentic noodles and dumplings.

Before we get onto our choices, we feel the need to preface this review by emphasizing what a gem Noodles Plus+ really is. From the humble couple who run it, to the quaint charm of the restaurant, to the impressive price-to-quality ratio, this one was just too good to leave with a simple review.

Upon entering, you’re struck by the stark contrast of the bright green walls, presumably from the previous sandwich shop ownership, the tacked on red Chinese paper-cut designs and the deli display fridge, all of which might fail to impress passersby. Though as anyone familiar with the typical east Asian restaurant might know, outdated and minimal decor are the hallmarks of a restaurant that is bound to surprise in its quality of food.

Unafraid of the hustle and bustle of Mill Road, the hardworking owners, originally from Qing Dao in the northeast of China, work diligently from noon to 9PM producing some of the finest soup dumplings we’ve ever had. We must, however, admit some bias: the author of this review has been there nearly 10 times, each time bringing a new face around and each time leaving with a hearty smile.

Our choices:

  • The signature soup dumplings (also known as xiao long bao)

These were the star of the meal, a dish no visit to this restaurant is complete without. Made to order and then steamed on traditional bamboo baskets, few things rival these in freshness and authenticity. They were served with ginger and black vinegar, taking us back to the dingy restaurants on the back alleys lining the Pudong river in Shanghai. The first bite took us by surprise as we had to quickly slurp up a tasty soup to narrowly avoid disaster! The next few bites were slightly more relaxed and allowed us to chew the thin, translucent wrapper and savor the filling. As we finished the entire serving, our technique improved and by the end we were left wanting more.

  • Short rib noodles

The restaurant offers a variety of noodle choices, but our favorite is the in-house option. Fresh and hand pulled. The broth is salty and full of umami, complementing the chewiness of the noodles really well. The bok choi and the single floret of broccoli (it’s always just one!) cut through and balance the richness of every spoonful of the braised short rib. The dish’s composition on the whole is simple but doesn’t disappoint.

  • Pork and cabbage dumplings

Noodles Plus+ is one of those restaurants that keeps true to its humble origins and these dumplings are the perfect example of this. At first sight, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were store bought: the golden sear on the bottom is uneven with some char, the skin is quite thick and the usual decorations like fancy braids on the edges are lacking. Taste aside, one could even go so far as to use ‘lackluster’ to describe them. That, however, is the point. At this restaurant, the focus is truly on the quality of the food - a ‘no frills’ approach. This dish was reminiscent of the many dumpling servings I had as a child at home and that’s what struck me the most about this place.

If you’re craving quality noodles and dumplings or comfort food in a homey environment, you can never go wrong with a visit to Noodles Plus+. If our review doesn’t convince you, perhaps the constant queues till closing might…

Review written by Matias Silva.


Visited Jan 27, 2022