Fin Boys

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  • LocationMill Road, Cambridge

Fin Boys is a seafood bar/restaurant on Mill Road serving a wide selection of locally-sourced fish and shellfish.

Seafood is a rare find in Cambridge, especially that with the quality we experienced in this restaurant. The menu at Fin Boys rotates constantly, and therefore the dishes we had are representative of the food that was available on the day. Note that Fin Boys serves a normal à la carte lunch menu and in the evening, a special tasting menu (which we will most definitely return for).

Our choices:

  • Oysters

Very fresh and nationally sourced. We were quite surprised with their size, since it’s unusual to find such big oysters in the UK. They were properly shucked and cleaned and were accompanied by a signature smoked chili sauce that perfectly complemented the sea-salty flavor of the oysters.

  • Aged tuna carpaccio
  • Cured sea trout with a dill crème fraîche

At Fin Boys, they age and cure the tuna themselves! The tuna is aged for more than 4 days and is then thinly sliced at the. This was a common theme in the restaurant: you witness all the food being prepared first hand. The slices came dressed with a special sauce that was also made in-house. The combination was simply perfect!

  • Sole with lemon and pepper sauce

We were also particularly surprised by this dish, as the sole was very fresh and extremely well prepared. It was first given a quick sear in the pan and then put in the oven, giving it a juicy and tender texture.

  • Pan-cooked monkfish with chanterelles and a Japanese dashi broth

The fish was perfectly done and very well cooked. The unique texture of the monkfish would usually invite us to combine it with products that we typically think are more appropriate with meat-based dishes, and that was fantastic! The combination of the chanterelles with the monkfish therefore created a bold and flavorsome dish which expertly complemented the softness of the sole.

To pair with this assortment of dishes, we chose an organic white French wine: L’imaginaire (Trinités winemakers; small producers) made from a Roussanne grape. This moderately acidic, fresh and open wine was very versatile with the different styles of fish and seafood we had that day. Roussanne is a very tasty grape with very little sugar, so this dry French white was a noticeable selection to pair with our meal!

As a final comment, we’d like to thank the extremely hospitable and friendly staff who were there to help at every stage of the meal and discussed our wine choice with us!

Review co-written by Álvaro Martin and Matias Silva.


Visited Feb 19, 2022