Da Paolo

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Da Paolo is a small, traditional and high-quality Italian restaurant in Fitzrovia, London.

We were impressed by Da Paolo’s wide variety of dishes, but we couldn’t pass up the daily specials. The night was off to a great start when the charming Italian waiter approached us and without even asking for our choices, informed us that the spaghetti alle vongole was about to run out. As he had a keen eye for his customers, he knew immediately that we wanted it, and proceeded to elegantly cross it off the chalkboard using his own finger as he told the kitchen to send us the last one. What a show!

  • Grilled sardines

We had grilled sardines as a starter. Initially, one might raise an eyebrow at the presence of this dish in an italian menu but it’s actually a telling sign of the current restaurant ownership. Da Paolo is both owned and has as its head chef Portuguese citizens (this made @mateeash quite happy). The fish was fresh, well cooked (not dry) and seasoned with thyme and pepper.

  • Spaghetti alle vongole

This dish definitely reminded us of summer and the Italian coast! Home-made pasta with a rich white wine sauce, clams and chilies. The use of Trebiano wine for making the sauce was a success in our books! Tasty, fresh and spicy.

  • Lasagne bolognese

Da Paolo is one of the few restaurants outside of Italy which we’ve been to that cooks Lasagne as it should be done: without bechamel! Freshly sourced meat, intense homemade tomato sauce and softly grated Parmesan cheese on top. The perfect proportion of bolognese to pasta paid homage to Italian traditions.

  • Tiramisu

Authentic and true to its origins. Made with specialty coffee, giving a soft texture but ultimately a well-rounded flavor. However, a slight excess of mascarpone made the dessert a bit too creamy.

We accompanied the dinner with a bottle of Le Altane, Sangiovese del Rubicone, 2020. A soft but fruity young Italian wine, that perfectly suited the meal that combined fish and meat dishes. Its soft tanins and red fruit aromas allowed us to appreciate the fish while pairing perfectly with the stronger bolognese flavor.

Review co-written by Álvaro Martin and Matias Silva.

Visited Feb 5, 2022