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  • LocationMill Road, Cambridge

Bedouin is a restaurant specialising in North African cuisine famous for its hearty food and magical tapestry décor.

Bedouin is a marvellous escape from the busy Cambridge term; the décor allows visitors to transport themselves to North Africa for an hour or two. The walls, floor and ceiling are covered in carpets and rugs, giving the impression of being sat inside a tent on a soft, sandy desert base. Other details contribute to the sense of escape; no alcohol is served, mixing and sharing of dishes is encouraged, and the music is soothing. Bedouin is a pleasure for all the senses.

Our choices:


The lamb meatball stew which we coupled with the aubergine dish also bursting with flavour. The melted fat from the lamb, not unpleasant in any way, dispersed the taste of lamb throughout the stew. We chose the side of vegetable rice to accompany our dish, but suggest future visitors might want to try out the tagine bread as an alternative.


The aubergine carried a strong perfume of cooked basil which was still discernible through the tomato sauce which accompanied it. The goat’s cheese was light and full of flavour, and coupling the aubergine together with the cheese is a much looked-forward to mouthful. This dish was full of sweetness, which prompted us to request a spoon so that every last drop of the sauce could be consumed. The side of green beans was also full of flavour which matched the aubergine, but provided an alternative texture and a somewhat lighter feel which relieved the pallet after tasting the lamb. We recommend this combination of dishes when sharing a meal between two people.

Concluding remarks:

The portions were generous, and, wrapped-up in conversation as we were, sustained our visit for a good while, and we left the restaurant very satisfied. Booking is encouraged, especially for the evening, and is easily done via their website:

Review by Guillaume Martin.


Visited May 12, 2022