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  • Price — 💸💸
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  • LocationMill Road, Cambridge

Tzatziki is a small Greek tavern inside of a British pub. This restaurant offers typical Greek comfort food, bringing the authentic taste of Greece to the busy streets of Cambridge.

This restaurant was founded by Nikos and Sukh, two Greek friends who are passionate about food and cooking. The idea of setting it up came about during a trip they took to the mountainous area of Edessa, in the North of Greece.

We had made many previous trips to Mill Road, but none as long as this one. It took us more than half an hour of cycling to get to this location from our College, but it was definitely worth it. We got to know of this place thanks to a waiter from Fancett’s (one of our previous visits to Mill Road’s wide gastronomical offering), who is Greek and told us that Tzatziki was in his opinion the best place to have Greek food in the whole of Cambridge.

Our choices:

  • Hummus
  • Cheese Pie
  • Lamb Skewer Box
  • Chicken Skepasti
  • Greek Sausage Box
  • Slow Roasted Pork Box

We arrived at this dinner quite hungry and even though we had to wait nearly half an hour for the food to arrive since ordering (though truth be told they did bring all 6 dishes at once!), the wait was worth it. The quality of the food was impressive, and each subsequent dish we tried surprised us even more than the one we tried before. The meat was fresh, tasty and perfectly marinated, while the cheese was tender and well fried.

Furthermore, every dish was accompanied by a fresh salad, pita bread and homemade fries, expertly complementing the food we chose. We were also able to try their famous tzatziki, as it came along with some of the dishes we had ordered and was absolutely memorable.

To pair with the food, we chose a white Italian Baccolo as they only had one Greek wine, which we considered to be excessively overpriced (drinks were served by the pub owners and not by Tzatziki, who just manage the kitchen). However, the white Baccolo was very nice to pair with our food owing to its citric notes and moderate acidity, making it a perfect refreshing wine for a moderately warm start-of-summer night.

Review co-written by Álvaro Martin and Matias Silva.


Visited Jun 3, 2022